Baked Crab Legs in Butter Sauce

King Crab Bread – King Crab Bread is everyone’s favorite crustacean, and this king crab recipe is baked with lemon sriracha butter. Crab legs are very juicy and sweet, perfect for holidays and special occasions !

I love Alaskan king crab, especially king king’s legs that are delicious, sweet and juicy.

With the festive season approaching, it is time to head to the nearest town of Costco and load up on pounds of red crab for Thanksgiving recipes or Christmas parties.

+ Crab legs baked with butter.

I have the best recipe for you, King Crab, baked in Sriracha Lemon Butter. It’s crazy delicious and tasty you want every day!

Bake Crab Legs In Butter Sauce – An soft-to-eat baked crab plate topped with garlic, butter, lemon, and creole sauce. You can now have a delicious treat at home without paying a heavy price.


* Ingredients:

° 500g crab legs.

° 1/2 cup melted butter.

° 2 tsp Creole seasoniing .

° 2 tsp Chopped parsley.

° 1 tsp lemon juice.

° 2 tsp mince garlic.

° Lemon wedges ( serving ) .

* Instructions:

I preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

I cutting crab legs in half, and putting them on a baking griddle ( tray ).

In a bowl, adding garlic / melted butter / & creole season, & blend well. Then I added lemon juice.

I cleaned the crab legs with this sauce and baked it until the crab legs were heated up.

To taking first place:

I utilize chopped parsley, & it was served with remains butter sauce and lemon wedges.

Enjoy !